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Former Greenville TN Post Office 37743

Former Greenville Tennessee Post Office

101 W Summer St Greenville, TN 37743   Title of the Art: “Man Power” & “Natural Resources” Artists: William Zorach Year: 1940 Type: Wood Reliefs   What a great looking building. Today’s featured building is the old Greenville, court-house and post office.  My initial research told me there was a wood carving here. So naturally […]

Former Clinton TN Post Office 37716

Former Clinton Tennessee Post Office

362 N. Main St. Clinton, IL 37716   Now a florist shop the former Clinton Tennessee post office building is beautifully maintained by the current owners. What a treat to see the building kept in such great shape. Unfortunately, when we arrived it was close so I was not able to see the inside or […]

Former Nashville TN Post Office 37202

Former Nashville Tennessee Post Office

  901 Broadway Nashville, TN 37202   Title of the artwork: “Portrait Bust of Admiral Albert Gleaves” Artists: Belle Kinney Year: 1940 Type: Portrait Bust   UPDATE!! January 2015 Prior to arriving in Nashville I had learned the was a portrait bust that was once located here. At the time my sources mentioned it was […]

Former Clarksville TN Post Office 37040

Former Clarksville Tennessee Post Office

  200 S. Second Street Clarksville, TN 37040   My research reveled there was a mural installed in the old Clarksville post office. Which post office in Clarksville? I have no idea. The building I show in this article seems too old to have had artwork from the depression, but maybe I’m wrong. What little […]