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La Follette TN Post Office 37766

La Follette Tennessee Post Office

  1221 E Central Ave. La Follette, TN 37766   Title of the artwork: “On the Shores of the Lake” Artists: Dahlov Ipcar Year: 1939 Type: Mural   Welcome to La Follette, Tennessee. I’m trying to remember if we visited this building first or the original building on Tennessee street. Either way when I stepped into […]


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Former La Follette TN Post Office 37766

Former La Follette Tennessee Post Office

119 S. Tennessee Ave. La Follette, TN 37766   Today’s featured post office is the classic WPA error building from La Follette, Tennessee. What a great looking building and facade. If you found this article because you were hoping to find out more about the mural. I’m sorry to say it is no longer here. However, […]

Former Perrysburg OH Post Office 43551

Former Perrysburg Ohio Post Office

117 E. Second St. Perrysburg, OH 43551   Title of the artwork: “Building of Fort Meigs 1813″ Artists: Glenn M. Shaw Year: 1942: Type: Mural   It’s always a difficult decision to decide if I’m going to post an incomplete article. By incomplete I mean, I don’t have photos of the mural. But the way I […]

Former Tipp City OH Post Office 45371

Former Tipp City Ohio Post Office

29 West Main St. Tipp City, OH 45371   If you are looking for the artwork that once resided here, it’s now located in the newer building on Hyatt St. Today’s featured building is the former Tipp City Post Office. Where do I begin to talk about this one? What an absolutely wonderful visit I […]

Former Fairborn OH Post Office 45324

Former Fairborn Ohio Post Office

1 E. Main St. Fairborn, OH 45324   My trip in November of 2013 included finding the former Fairborn Ohio Post Office. At the time I wasn’t sure where it was located but eventually I did find the building. As it turns out the former Fairborn post office has been converted to the local library, […]