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Former Nashville TN Post Office 37202

Former Nashville Tennessee Post Office

  901 Broadway Nashville, TN 37202   Title of the artwork: “Portrait Bust of Admiral Albert Gleaves” Artists: Belle Kinney Year: 1940 Type: Portrait Bust   UPDATE!! January 2015 Prior to arriving in Nashville I had learned the was a portrait bust that was once located here. At the time my sources mentioned it was […]

Former Clarksville TN Post Office 37040

Former Clarksville Tennessee Post Office

  200 S. Second Street Clarksville, TN 37040   My research reveled there was a mural installed in the old Clarksville post office. Which post office in Clarksville? I have no idea. The building I show in this article seems too old to have had artwork from the depression, but maybe I’m wrong. What little […]

Former Newport TN Post Office 37821

Former Newport Tennessee Post Office

219 E Broadway Street Newport, TN 37821   Title of the artwork: “TVA Power” Four Panels” Artists: Minna Citron Year: 1940 Type: Mural   After I finished my visit at the newer post office I headed over to the former Newport building. Anyone familiar with the older buildings knows its easy to spot. It’s the classic […]

Former Charleston IL Post Office 61920

Former Charleston Illinois Post Office

320 Sixth St. Charleston, IL 61920   Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit your local post office and find out it’s a pet store? Welcome to Charleston, Illinois. I visited in October for a book signing event at the local book store. It was a very long drive on a […]