Chicago Illinois (Logan Square) Post Office

Logan Square (Chicago) IL Post Office

Logan Square (Chicago) IL Post Office 60647

Roberto Clemente Station
2339 N. California Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647


Title of the artwork: “The Post”
Artists: Hildreth Meiere
Year: 1937
Type: Metal

January 3, 2012

The Logan Square Illinois (Chicago) IL post office is also known as the Roberto Clemente Station. The stone logo above the front entrance of the building indicates this post office as (Logan Square). However, when you perform a search for the address, the name Roberto Clemente appears.

This happens to be the second post office building I’ve come across with this type of architecture. The Pilsen Station is very similar in design. The post office was named in honor of Roberto Clemente a famous baseball player from the 1960 & 1970 according to this USA Today Article. Another great example of art commissioned by the Section of Fine Arts.

While looking around I discovered the corner-stone indicating the postmaster and treasury. The stone was behind the Fedex box making this difficult to photograph, it reads as follows: Henry Morgenthau Jr. as the Secretary of the Treasury, James A. Farley as postmaster general. Louis A. Simon as supervising architect, Neal A. MeLick supervising engineer and John C. Bollenbacher. The date on the building reads 1935.

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