Dresden Tennessee Post Office

Dresden TN Post Office 38225

Dresden TN Post Office 38225

122 Maple St
Dresden, TN 38225


I love this mural. The colors are alive and brilliant. There is so much going on in this mural that makes it a unique piece. To be honest I don’t have an Art background. This makes it difficult for me to describe in art terminology the various aspects or features of this painting. I love the colors. I love the size of the mural.  Maybe if there is an art history major out there that would like to comment, that would be interesting.

The point is you don’t need to be an art history major to enjoy or appreciate this wonderful murals.

The title of the mural is “Retrospection” and was done by Minetta Good in 1940.

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“Used with the permission of the United States Postal Service®. All rights reserved.”

Other Sources:

Howard Hulls – Tennessee Post Office Murals



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